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About Tutoring Advantage

Tutoring Advantage is a Sydney and Brisbane based private tuition company specialising in high-school, university and HSC tuition. We provide in-home tuition services all over Sydney and Brisbane, which are tailored to the needs of the student. Our friendly, professional tutors are experts in their subject areas, and all have substantial one-on-one tuition experience. At Tutoring Advantage, great care is taken to ensure a good fit for both teacher and student.

What We Do
  • One-on-one Tuition
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Customer Testimonials
  • "I just wanted to say how pleased we are with Jonathan's tutoring. Stephanie's English marks have improved markedly and she is more confident of her submitted work. It is exactly the result I had hoped for, to improve Stephanie's marks for HSC English. I believe Stephanie has learned skills from Jonathan that she will use throughout her school and into her uni work. Thank you Jonathan!"

    - Gabby Owen (Parent, 2012 HSC)
  • "Jeff's physics tutoring sessions with my son have been an invaluable aid to preparing him for his HSC. Prior to starting the lessons, he had large gaps in his understanding of the subject. By the end of the year, my son was enthusiastic and even excited about sitting the exam as he felt confident and fully prepared. I would happily recommend him as an excellent tutor."

    - Melanie Alderton (Parent, 2011 HSC)
  • "I just wanted to say how wonderful Omal is. My daughter now says she finally understands Chemistry! He is such a lovely person and obviously a fantastic tutor. I can't thank you enough for sending Omal to us, and we so look forward to seeing him next week."

    - Kathleen Thompson (Parent, 2013 HSC)
  • "I found Jeff's approach to teaching highly effective and engaging. At times there would be things that I did not understand, and if Jeff could not effectively break it down for me in one way, he would take another approach. He greatly improved my marks and motivated me for the HSC"

    - Bradley (2011 HSC Student)
  • "All has been going well, I am thoroughly enjoying the tutoring sessions and already starting to see improved results in my assessments. We're keeping up with the class work and I'm feeling much more confident about maths than what I was 5 weeks ago."

    - Michael G (First year university student)
  • "I have to say that without your preparation and assistance, I really don't think it would have been possible for him to sit these exams, or even get this far. I am sure he will get into university. Please pass on my thanks."

    - Kim Ferrato (Parent, 2012 HSC)
  • "David is very, very good at both the subject matter and, most importantly, getting our young physicist to actually understand what he is telling her. I would recommend him to any potential student looking for a great tutor. "

    - Gary Baird (Parent, 2012 HSC)
  • "Marco was a very charming tutor, very helpful and personable. Daniel was good as well, and was a great help with Abby's creative writing assignments. The tutoring from both tutors improved Abby's confidence and this had a positive "ripple effect" on the rest of her studies. Her results definitely improved with their help."

    - Alistair McApline(Parent, 2013 HSC)
  • "Thanks for finding us a suitable tutor so close to the HSC exam - Josh really couldn't have done it without Henry. He achieved a 74 in Physics, which is such an improvement as he was basically failing before. Henry's patience and teaching style is commended, and made it much easier to understand. It was a pleasure to have him tutor Josh and I know any future students will be lucky to have him."

    - Belinda Hennessy (Parent, 2013 HSC)
  • "I can't praise Sarah enough for the help and confidence she gave Tayla. Before, Tayla lacked direction and had no idea on the understanding of essay writing, creative writing, and just preparation for HSC English. From the first class with Sarah, Tayla felt there was hope, and over the months they developed a great connection and made Tayla very excited and confident to tackle the exams."

    - Kerry Arnott (Parent, 2013 HSC)